neish @ St laurence: 5th - 7th June 2015 


Neish @ St Laurence - What did you think the love was for?
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St Laurence will be hosting Jim McNeish on 5th-7th June.

With a background in human potential psychology, he explores different tools and methodologies to enable us to further understand ourselves and relate to others more effectively. He will revisit some of his teaching on Bioenergetics and explore some new material on Spiral Dynamics with us as well. 

“The world is changing.  How we view things and talk about them is changing.  We no longer have the luxury of ignorance.  The collateral damage of our simplistic beliefs are glaring as someone else tries to force a position, hurts people and is recorded on the internet.  

Can we deal with reality without blinkers?  Do we have to limit our consciousness in order to function?  Do we trust that simplicity at the far side of complexity exists and if it does, is it kind?  Can we rely on the truth to look after us or is it safest to stay in the repeating cycle of a story we know?

What if love was the punchline?  What if the energy to stretch our minds to encompass one another, to compassionately listen to another disaster, to momentarily wonder what it would be like to believe something else comes from being loved and loving in return.

We intend to explore this on, ”What did You Think the Love was for?”  Using integral psychology, bioenergetics, emotional intelligence and a little humour we hope to stretch our thinking a little more by turning to one another for answers.”

Session times over the weekend are as follows: 

Fri 7.30 - 10 pm, Sat 10 am - 4 pm & Sun 10.30 - 1 pm

Refreshments will be provided for all sessions, with a light lunch for those attending on the Saturday. 

Tickets for the whole weekend are £35 per person. Shared tickets are available for couples with childcare needs or those with other commitments. If you are only able to come on specific days, then select the number of sessions you would like to attend.  

To book in, please select the amount you would like to contribute for your attendance.  If you would like to attend but have limited finances or have any further questions, please get in touch with Claire: to discuss further. 

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